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Homeland Insecurity Gets Local

In the small village where I live, there has been what they’re calling an “incident”. A middle school kid got upset at adults, and left a couple of bomb threats in the form of notes in a middle school bathroom.

This unknown student, unable to follow through on building an actual bomb, exploded a firecracker in a toilet in a desperate attempt to get attention. Now, lots of attention is being paid.

The State Police came in to search the school with specially trained dogs. Kindergarten students and their parents are being searched for weapons. Adults visiting the school are now required to show their driver’s licenses, as if an adult showing an identification card makes it less likely for a child in the school to play with fireworks. Some parents are proposing constant video surveillance of children. There will soon be security guards patrolling the hallways of not just the middle school, but the high school and elementary school as well.

The Superintendent of Schools declares that, even if the firecracker terrorist is caught, new security measures will not be rescinded, because the “threat” will not be over. Why not? Because there will always be, the Superintendent declared, adults and students from somewhere else in the USA who might come to our village to try to hurt our children.

What will it take for people to calm down, and realize that my first grade son does not have a weapon in his backpack? His crayons are not detonating devices. His shoes are not biological weapons.

This article is not a bomb.

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