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Atheists for Obama Too

One of our good readers, John Stracke, asked a great question this afternoon. I had written an article highlighting our first sale of the Zoroastrians for Obama bumper sticker. The point I was trying to make was that Barack Obama is the best presidential candidate in terms of respect for cultural pluralism, including people of different religions.

patriotic atheists for barack obamaI mentioned Zoroastrianism, of course, and the Mormons, and Wiccans, and even seekers in general… but I didn’t mention the atheists. That’s an odd omission on my part, given that I’m a non-religious person myself.

Well, John asked why hadn’t mentioned any bumper sticker for Atheists for Obama. The truth is, it just slipped my mind.

atheists for obama stickerRest assured, we do indeed carry an atheists for Obama bumper sticker. We’ve got an atheists for Obama campaign button too, for that matter.

But, why would an atheist support Barack Obama instead of one of the other presidential candidates?

Well, why wouldn’t an atheist support Barack Obama?

Okay, that’s not a fair answer. Here’s one for you, then.

You can go ask the official Atheists for Obama group too, if you’re curious.

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