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Anti-Obama Conspiracy Theories Get Bizarre Beyond Bizarre

People will do very strange things in order to hold on to their cherished hatreds.

It’s obvious that the right wing path of fear and attacks on freedom has failed. In a recent poll, 71 people disapprove of George W. Bush’s presidency. However, 29 percent approval remaining for Bush still leaves a lot of people hold on to the harsh, angry agenda of the radical right wing, and those people are very afraid of Barack Obama.

Why are they afraid of Barack Obama? Obama promises to work to end the war in Iraq, instead of allowing for a military occupation of Iraq that continues for, as John McCain has suggested, one hundred years or even ten thousand years. Barack Obama promises to end the regime of torture that John McCain has voted to support. Barack Obama offers a plan of strong action to combat climate change and revitalize the American economy with a new push toward efficient energy technologies. Barack Obama proposes a return to freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution but ignored under George W. Bush.

Worst of all, Barack Obama promises change. There are a lot of people in America who are afraid of change. There are a lot of people who are clinging to the past, to outdated visions of how things ought to be, visions that go back to John McCain’s childhood during the times of Jim Crow, and McCain’s vote to try to kill the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

There are a lot of Americans, sadly, who still don’t want people of all ethnic backgrounds to come together and make a new fully American family. They don’t want Americans of different religions to get along, because they believe that their own religion is the only right way. They get a thrill from seeing American soldiers at war, and the idea of a peace that lasts, without a boogeyman on the horizon, frightens them.

They are so desperate to hold onto their hates and fears that they’ll say anything to try to stop Barack Obama. Some of them have even gone insane.

Yes, insane Insane is the most honest word to describe what some people are saying about Barack Obama now. I discovered what I hope are the depths of the anti-Obama insanity tonight, when a ranting man responded to a video I had posted on YouTube. That man, I discovered, had endorsed a set of truly bizarre videos with titles such as:

– Is Barack Hussein Obama the Antichrist?
– Barack Obama Antichrist
– Barrack Hussein Obama ILLUMINATI
– Barack Obama is a ZIONIST ILLUMINATI part 1 [I never did find part 2]
– barack obama is the antichrist

There are a group of people out there who are seriously accusing Barack Obama of being the antichrist, in league with Satan. The Loren Davis crowd is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a gem that shows the twisted thinking these people put themselves through in order to justify their hate of Barack Obama:

“Nostradamus prophesied “Mabus” would either be the Antichrist, or the forerunner to the true Antichrist. Obama+bush=oba[mabus]h”

Never mind that Bush comes before Obama. Groan.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these people are just on the margins of the anti-Obama movement. One of their videos that I looked at has had 156,475 viewers in the last two and half months, and the video has a 3-star rating, which means that as many people who view it approve of it whole heartedly as disapprove of it.

That movie accused Barack Obama of running a cult, and runs with an accompanying text that makes claims like,

“The open dismantling of the US, the merging of the North American Union, and really the dawn of the RFID tracking age. A President of the world’s dying superpower will have to oversee the transition into biometric scanning and a cashless society Do you think anyone will by it from Bush? of course not, but you can be absolutely sure Obama will sell this system to everyone, and grab those guns as fast as he can… Makes me wonder if some sort of ‘world leader’ anti-christ type situation will develop, with the elite making the big moves for everything.”

In another part of this same series, the author states,

“I think this video speaks for itself. I stand by everything that’s in here, because everything is documented… I first want to state that Barack Obama is merely a frontman for a sinister cartel of bankers and occultists.”

I’m not going to try to argue logically against this kind of material, because this material has no genuine logic to it. Instead, I’m going to trust that exposing this material Even after everything that we’ve seen under Bush over the last seven years, I still trust that 71 percent of the American people would be shocked to find out that this kind of insane material is being spread around. Expose this weird muttering about Barack Obama and the Trilateral Commission to sunlight, and it disintegrates.

One final note about what makes these people so angry: They hate Barack Obama’s progressive ideals, but more than that, they hate that Barack Obama has gotten the kind of approval they thought their approval would get… their candidate being Ron Paul.

Many of the people claiming that Barack Obama is the antichrist are Ron Paul supporters, who included large numbers of white supremacists and neoNazis, and a huge number of Lou Dobbs dittoheads who believe that American sovereignty is about to be overthrown by international bureaucrats, using the mythical Amero coin and North American Super Highway.

They spent much of 2007 truly believing that Ron Paul was a great hero who was going to win the Republican nomination in 2008, and become the next President. In 2008, their beliefs were rudely contradicted, as Ron Paul mostly got around just 5 percent of the vote in every Republican primary.

How could such a contradiction of their beliefs in a nationwide love affair with Ron Paul fail to come true? It seems that some of them could only come up with one explanation: In order to defeat Ron Paul the Messiah, Barack Obama must be the Antichrist, sent by Satan himself to make Ron Paul look irrelevant.

12 thoughts on “Anti-Obama Conspiracy Theories Get Bizarre Beyond Bizarre”

  1. Vynce says:

    “Lou Dobbs dittoheads who believe that American sovereignty is about to be overthrown by international bureaucrats” — side point, perhaps, but, uh… what makes you think Lou Dobbs believes this? Maybe I missed something, but that looks like insane RonPaulist crap, and I’ve never seen Dobbs get that nutty.

  2. J. Clifford says:

    I saw Lou Dobbs push the North American Union nonsense just last month, Vynce. He’s gone into cuckoo land.

  3. Sherman says:

    Yes, there are lots of “nuts” in this country. Looking at the history of these people, you will find that about every 4-8 years, they proclaim some presidential candidate or government official to be the anitchrist. When these fearmongers are proved wrong, they move on to the next person. Eventually, they will be right in that at some point, we will go to a paperless society (most transactions are now done electronicly, so it’s only a small step to make all transactions paperless).

    I want to respond to a statement you made that “there are people who…believe that their own religion is the only right way.” Well, isn’t that true of every religion? If I didn’t think my religion was the right one, I would join some other religion. In fact, I believe so strongly in my religion that I don’t mind a little competition. Let’s lay them all out on the table, and let the facts speak for themselves. That’s why I’m not bothered by Freedom of Religion. This isn’t the Middle East where people are forced at gunpoint to become Muslims, or Europe of the Middle Ages where the Catholic church forced confessions out of people on pain of death.

    You also said, “They get a thrill from seeing American soldiers at war…” I don’t know anyone who likes seeing America at war. In war, people die. Several members of my church have lost loved ones who went to fight in Iraq. I have a good friend who joined the military after 9/11, and I thank God that he is not stationed in Iraq. I think you should consider your words more carefully when talking about people you don’t know. There are a lot of “God-fearing, gun-toting” Americans out there who love their country, but don’t love war.

    Yes, there are still some KKK-ers out there who “don’t want change”, but they are becoming fewer and fewer. I want to make sure you and your readers know that most Christian white people don’t fall into that category, even though we may not like Obama. I don’t have a problem with his color; I have a problem with his campaign. He’s another big government liberal who wants to raise taxes and grow government. If that’s what’s meant by “change,” then no, I don’t want it. If by “change” you mean “give up in Iraq”, then no, I don’t want it. If by “change,” you mean “amnesty to illegal immigrants,” then no, I don’t want it. Liberal Democrats don’t seem to have a problem with any of those things. (And, by the way, I’m not that enthusiastic about Mr. McCain either…he’s not conservative enough.)

  4. Fruktata says:

    No, Sherman, it isn’t true that every religious group believes its own religion is the only right way. Unitarians, for example.

    John McCain, when he voted against the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, wasn’t conservative enough for you????


    Becoming fewer and fewer, Sherman? Look at the numbers in the article above. Or, didn’t you actually read it?

  5. Zach says:

    How does Obama propose to change America?

    To use the logic of “if you don’t like him, then you hate change,” then you are mindlessly following a mantra.

    Change is nothing but a word.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The fringe identify the whole!!

    Vote Obama! Shun the non-believers!

  7. dub says:

    the bush family got rich by watching american g.i.s die its called war profiteering grandaddy bush drove up the price of steel during wwi

  8. dub says:

    the united states needs to learn how to take care of it citizens before we try to take to take care of anybody else.close the borders and give americans back the american dream

  9. dub says:

    i dont care what race or religion you are without experience you cant do the job.

  10. dub says:

    the united states needs to take a page out of australias playbook and not try to make everybody happy by changing laws to help certain religious groups feel comfortable,if you dont like our laws get out!

  11. dub says:

    as far as iraq is concerned they didnt attack us bin laden did why not attack syria or afghanistan thay harbor terrorists but they dont have any oil,so all we have accomplished is to make a war profiteering family richer and drove the american people further in debt,because without us the all mighty u.s. government does not exist,when they bailout someone its my money that they are using so obama wants to spread the wealth why dont he use some of his campaign money to bailout us instead of using my money to send out another stimulus package,its done been tried and it didnt work.

  12. dub says:

    why do we have to pay for a ball for the top 10% of the richest people to attend why not let lobbyist plan it and charge 5000 dollars a plate to attend.thats how most of our senators get rich,re-elected,and most of our laws get passed.

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