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How To ExPose Barack Obama: Video Tutorial

Are you looking for tips on how to best ExPose Barack Obama? Look no further than our video tutorial:

Well, what did you expect?

Some innuendo sourced to Loren Davis, the man who says that the American Flag is itself a secret Satanic symbol? Did you expect some kind of diatribe? A diatribe with nothing more for sourcing than hearsay and third-cousin-twice-removed genealogies? A diatribe claiming that Barack Obama is somehow simultaneously a Satanist, a Christian of the wrong sort, and part of an underground Islamic intifada? Is that what you were looking for?

How embarrassing for you.

Better that you should watch a puppet show. Then try, please try, to stick to the truth in the future.

2 thoughts on “How To ExPose Barack Obama: Video Tutorial”

  1. irregularwife says:

    love it love it love it!

  2. toshia says:

    Listen if baroc obama is a satanist then god will take care of him. And if he thinks hes poweful wait till he sees the rath of god……..

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