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What is Hillary Clinton Thinking?!?

Hillary Clinton just announced that she will not drop out, even though the only way she can now win the Democratic nomination is to take away superdelegates who have already declared support for Barack Obama. That isn’t happening. In fact, the reverse is happening. Superdelegates who had declared support for Hillary Clinton are now jumping ship and going over to support Barack Obama instead.

What is Hillary Clinton thinking?

I have a friend who supports Hillary Clinton, who told me a couple months ago that she has a deep dark secret about Barack Obama that she has been waiting to use. Honestly, though, the time for the release of that kind of information ended three or four weeks ago.

What’s Hillary Clinton going to do to turn things around? Keep scheduling speaking events for Jeremiah Wright like she did last week? Note to Clinton supporters: That didn’t work. Voters are tired of that non-story.

I am truly baffled. Someone explain to me how Hillary Clinton remaining in the race makes sense, because I don’t get it.

One thought on “What is Hillary Clinton Thinking?!?”

  1. Stan says:

    The Democrats are idiots.

    They could have chosen BEVO the Texas Longhorn as their candidate and beaten any Republican Candidate. Chopped Liver looks more appealing than either Obama or Clinton.

    The Democratic party is in the final stages of special interest self destruction. I thought the Republicans didn’t have a prayer but the Democrats are making the choice easy…

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