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Track Your Fuel Use To Bring It Under Control

When a person goes on a diet, one of the first things to do is to gather accurate information about what that person’s diet has been, so that changes to the diet can be tracked and evaluated for their usefulness. The same thing needs to happen as we seek to put our automobiles on a fuel diet.

We all know that we’re driving too much, burning too much gasoline, pumping out too much carbon dioxide, and losing too much money in the process. But how much?

We can start to understand the scale of our problem – on a personal and societal level, by coming together and sharing information about our fuel consumption.

It just so happens that there is a new online project that enables people to do just that. It’s called Fuel Frog. It’s a free service that lets you track how much fuel you use, how far you drive, and how much you’re paying for it all. The information you enter will be combined with the information others provide to enable larger, society-wide analysis of trends in fuel use and trends in the fossil fuel economy.

The first step to cutting back on fossil fuels is to understand how much we’re using. Join this waste-watching movement on Fuel Frog today.

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