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Lapel Pin Review, 5/16/08: Obama, Patriot. McCain, America Hater

Just for kicks, let’s set aside our reason for a moment and grant the Republicans their fashion talking point: that the central determinant of one’s patriotism is the jewelry one wears.

Here’s a photo of Barack Obama making public remarks today:

Barack Obama Wearing a Lapel Pin, May 16 2008

Is Barack Obama wearing an American flag lapel pin? Yes! Barack Obama is a patriot.

Here’s a photo of John McCain making public remarks today:

John McCain Not Wearing a Flag Lapel Pin, May 16 2008

Is John McCain wearing an American flag lapel pin? NO! McCain is missing the jewelry needed to be a patriot. Therefore, John McCain is no patriot. He is a traitor to the patriotic cause of loving one’s nation through jewelry.

Why does John McCain hate America?

I expect every citizen who has defined a candidate’s patriotism according to the presence of a lapel pin to answer that question. Yes, I do.

3 comments to Lapel Pin Review, 5/16/08: Obama, Patriot. McCain, America Hater

  • AT

    Everyone knows that John McCain’s lapel pin was surgically implanted – it can’t be removed!! This must be some sort of photoshop trickery! You lefties are really trying to put one over on us! Bastards!!!

  • See! That not only proves that Obama is a secret Muslim, but also now a proud Satanist. (At least, that is, if Loren Davis is to be believed about those 50 “Orion Stars” making the American flag as Satanic as the NFL.) In the picture, Barack is wearing a flag pin and McCain is not. But then, McCain does have that Orion star on his campaign logo..?? So will the real Satanist please stand up?

  • Yuri Lipiztmeov

    If you look closely, you can detect Karl Rove’s arm up McCain’s a$$, all the way up to his mouth, and manipulating it.

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