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Why is Atrios Accepting Advertisements for McCain?

Look, he’s had work as a professor, he’s paid by Media Matters for America, and he’s got advertisements all over his highly-visited blog. If Duncan Black aka Atrios has his ducks even in a crooked row, he should be swimming in cash. Unless he’s got an expensive condition or habit, Atrios doesn’t need the money.

So why is he running advertisements for John McCain for President on his website?

John McCain Advertisement on Atrios Website Eschaton

That’s not a rhetorical question. I really mean it: why? Why give the juice of your web site over (or let it be given over by a third party) to the presidential campaign of a man who you claim represents everything you whole-heartedly disagree with? Why?

It doesn’t make sense unless — as with DailyKos running Exxon advertisements — it’s all just business.

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