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Why is Hillary Clinton Even Bothering with Michigan and Florida Talk?

Over the past three to four days, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has sent multiple messages to my e-mail in-box. These messages go on and on about how important it is to her campaign for president that delegations from Florida and Michigan be seated. But Barack Obama leads Clinton in the delegate count by about 189 delegates and this lead increases by the day as more and more superdelegates endorse him. The current proposals by Michigan and Florida to have their delegations seated would give Clinton just 29 more delegates than Obama, reducing his lead to 160 delegates. Even if the delegations from Florida and Michigan are seated as the states desire, changing the rules in the middle of the race, Hillary Clinton still doesn’t have a chance. Why is she making the argument? I don’t intend that question in the substantive sense. Put substance aside; it doesn’t even make sense strategically.

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