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Kathleen Sebelius The Smart Choice For Obama VP

Last week, there was excitement about the possibility of John Edwards joining Barack Obama on the Democratic presidential campaign ticket. However, by week’s end, Edwards came out with strong public statements that he is not seeking and would not accept the vice presidential spot on an Obama for President campaign.

Kathleen Sebelius joins Barack Obama for PresidentNow, along comes Kathleen Sebelius, the Governor of Kansas who has earned a reputation for strong defense of the American Constitution against ideological extremists, and protection of the welfare of the people of Kansas against big corporations looking to make a big profits in a state they thought was vulnerable. As energy interests have tried to push through new polluting coal-fired power plants in Kansas, Governor Sebelius has taken out her veto pen every time.

Kathleen Sebelius seems a much more attractive candidate for Vice President than Hillary Clinton. She isn’t divisive. She’s strong, yet dignified. She shares Obama’s Kansas roots, and would bring Electoral College victory by adding midwestern states to the classic blue Democratic territory.

3 thoughts on “Kathleen Sebelius The Smart Choice For Obama VP”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope Obama wins the nomination and picks someone other than Mrs Clinton for vice president.A woman vice president would be fine as long as it isn’t Clinton.Obama has many great choices for vice president Clinton isn’t one of them.If Obama really stands for change he would not pick Mrs Clinton for vice president.Mrs Clinton is nothing but a selfish arrogant power hungry woman who will do anything to win.The change America really needs in no more Clintons in the Whitehouse!

  2. Jim says:

    And once there are “no more Clintons in the Whitehouse,” the birds will have brighter plumage and pennies will be worth something again and that cranky kid down the street will wash your windows for free?

    There’s no need to be dichotomous about Obama and Clinton, like one is a saint and the other is a devil? Anybody who runs for president has to be to some extent selfish, arrogant and power hungry. Except with Barack Obama, we just use different words: he has “audacity” and “ambition.”

    I agree Clinton has a lot of problems. But if, completely hypothetically now since she has no chance, I had to pick between Clinton and McCain, it’d be Clinton in a heartbeat.

  3. J. Clifford says:

    Jim, I think you may be sliding over to one side too far, in reaction to some overly-idealistic pro-Obama statements. No, Obama won’t bring perfection, but the opportunities for improvement with an Obama presidency are dramatically greater than with another Clinton presidency.

    Barack Obama has shown a much more positive political ability than Hillary Clinton. With Obama we have an opportunity to move America forward. Hillary Clinton doesn’t offer that. She’s merely better than McCain, and we need to do better than that.

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