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Is This Statement by Barack Obama Terribly Sexist?

More than one person has told me that the following statement made by Barack Obama last night qualifies as “terribly sexist”:

The road here has been long, and that is partly because we’ve traveled it with one of the most formidable candidates to ever run for this office. In her thirty-five years of public service, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has never given up on her fight for the American people, and tonight I congratulate her on her victory in Kentucky. We have had our disagreements during this campaign, but we all admire her courage, her commitment and her perseverance. No matter how this primary ends, Senator Clinton has shattered myths and broken barriers and changed the America in which my daughters and yours will come of age.

I’d like to know what you think. Tell me:

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8 thoughts on “Is This Statement by Barack Obama Terribly Sexist?”

  1. Juniper says:

    I am truly confused. How could anyone say that statement was sexist?

    What kind of weird planet do these people live on?

    Oh, damn. I’m being a planetist… and unforgivably anti-weird.

  2. leorising says:

    More proof that Clinton lives on Bizarro World.

  3. Bob S-K says:

    I can’t identify anything sexist in those words, but I think I’m pretty open-minded, so if someone can point out the words, I’m all cyber-ears.

  4. J. Clifford says:

    Why can’t the two people who find this “terribly sexist” leave a comment to explain what on earth is sexist in this statement?

  5. hendrixbot says:

    I don’t see the sexism; maybe those who take offense think the last sentence is implying things “shattered” and “changed” for the worse.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s not clear why the writer is singling out this particular phrase out of all the speeches, the way the question is framed comes off as a snark. If this is not just baiting or looking for Clinton supporters to kick, but really don’t understand, this “Hey Obama boys” is posted on the Obama site:

  7. Jim says:

    I’m “singling it out” because Clinton supporters volunteered the passage THEMSELVES as an example of how Barack Obama qualifies as “terribly sexist.” I didn’t single it out in actuality, you see: Clinton supporters did.

    How does: “I’d like to know what you think. Is this statement sexist?” come off to you as snark?

    And have I kicked any Clinton supporter on this thread?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The extensive comments they wrote made it clear they were looking at the speech in the context of all his other words and actions, but I thought maybe a parallel to the comments comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson that upset so many. btw, that part of speech waS supposedly taken almost verbatim written by the Clinton camp

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