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Defense Dept Refuses to Testify In Congress About Missing Money

For one year, the Department of Defense has known that the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform in the US House of Representatives would be conducting an audit to try to discover what happened to billions of dollars that the Pentagon gave away without making any records of where the money was going. For weeks now, military leaders have known that a congressional hearing on the subject of that audit would be held today, at which they would be asked to explain where the missing money went.

Right now, that hearing is in session. No one from the Department of Defense is there to testify.

The Pentagon refused to send anyone to testify.

Representative Henry Waxman, the chair of the committee, calls the military’s refusal to submit to the constitutional authority of Congress to oversee the activities of the Executive Branch, including the Department of Defense, “regrettable”.

I see no signs of regret on the part of the Department of Defense. They have, according to the most recent estimates, taken 15 billion dollars of public money and given it out to nobody knows who for nobody knows what purposes. The military and the Bush White House have been shameless in their campaign of spending and secrecy.

5 thoughts on “Defense Dept Refuses to Testify In Congress About Missing Money”

  1. Tom says:

    If we had a Congress with backbone they’d just shut off the Pentagon’s funding and watch how fast their people would show up with information.

    Since it’s mostly a dog and pony show now, this is the type of government we get for our tax dollars: unaccountable, wasteful, bloated, corrupt and arrogant.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    I agree completely, Tom, except that the way to get the Executive Branch to comply would be to begin impeachment hearings when George W. Bush orders his employees to defy congressional subpoenas and refuses to have the FBI arrest White House employees found in Contempt of Congress.

    Of course, Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table, and in doing so essentially told George W. Bush that he could get away with anything without any consequences.

    When Pelosi took impeachment off the table, she also removed the spine from the Democratic mule, and turned it into nothing more than a big blue jellyfish.

  3. david says:

    1. withhold our tax dollars ( according to the constitution)
    2. use this means ( The Jefferson Manual) that allows private citizens to petition for impeachment, when our “representatives” refuse to do their jobs.
    3. refuse to allow tax dollars leave the united States, its not our place to finance the world’s problems..
    4. stop setting up puppet governments (Israel, among others) that we have GIVEN billions of dollars every year
    5. take away the presidents power, no one person should hold the fate of 300 million people
    6. abolish the federal reserve, patriot act,energy policy,et al that Bush has made law
    7. allow the people to recall any politician that does not uphold the constitution, with no benefits, no retirement,no finishing their term, jail time for treason by commiting these acts
    Without the ability to tax the people into slavey, none of these things would be possible. today the pentagon admitted losing $15 billion… no accounting for it at all! how much do we have to take before we bring these tyrants to justice?

  4. Tom says:

    i’ve been saying the same thing David! It’s all about OUR funding this fiasco! They can’t arrest MILLIONS of taxpayers who refuse to comply with this FARCE of a government. There’d be open civil war in the streets against the police and IRS goons who come to evict us all and “freeze” our assets. Can you imagine the revolution?

  5. david says:

    I just can’t understand why the people in this country are not ‘up in arms” over all this crap! I’ll be the first to admit that i’m not the brightest star in the sky but please…. if i can see whats going on , why can’t everyone else!? its all too clear that the military industrial complex and the financial institutions, the FED, et al are calling all the shots! Its strange to me that we can bail out bear/stearns but can’t give a tent to people in New orleans. I encourage everyone to go to “” and read about mr Bob Schulz’s efforts to get the government to answer right to redress questions! the supreme court just refused to hear his case, even though its their job! i truly believe that closing the purse strings is the only answer! its our right AND obligation to do so! its clear that we have no representation! wake up people before its too late! join us!!

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