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Dumb Idea of 2008: Mix Religion With Presidential Campaigns

Last year, the mainstream media was busy lecturing us all about how important it would be for the candidates to make public shows of their religion. We were told how candidates would benefit from “God talk”, making an important connection to religious voters.

As a result, we’ve gotten the following:

– John Hagee
– Rod Parsley
Celeste and Loren Davis
– Donnie McClurkin
– Giuliani’s pedophile priest
– Jeremiah Wright
– Mormon-bashing
– Muslim-baiting
– Mike Huckabee’s endorsement from God
– Religious forums where candidates are tested to see if they are theologically correct

I don’t see any evidence that mixing religion into politics during this presidential campaign has elevated the level of debate. From what I see, it’s degraded the level of debate.

Pragmatically, all this conspicuous use of religion in the presidential campaigns hasn’t helped the candidates who have done it. It’s hurt them.

Please, in 2012, let’s not repeat this tawdry little faith-based experiment. Let’s return to talking about presidential candidates’ policies instead of their prayers.

One thought on “Dumb Idea of 2008: Mix Religion With Presidential Campaigns”

  1. Tom says:

    It was stupid back in 2000 and ’04 when Rove brought these bible-thumping, “values” yelling, non-thinking sheep into the fold for the BIG REPUBLICAN WIN! Oh boy!

    Well how do you feel about your quality of life now, Christian fundies? Was it okay to bomb children for oil? Was it okay to devalue your currency so much that EVERYTHING costs more now as a result of YOUR candidates shenanigans? They didn’t even deliver on Roe v. Wade!!

    Well thanks for effing up the whole world!

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