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John McCain Incompetent If He Didn’t Know About Hagee

mother davisMother Davis averts her eyes from the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen and writes,

John McCain spent 2007 asking televangelist John Hagee to give public support for his presidential campaign. Over and over again, McCain went to meetings where he begged for Hagee’s endorsement, and finally, a few months ago, John McCain got Hagee’s endorsement. The two of them appeared together on stage and hugged in triumph. John McCain featured John Hagee on the McCain campaign web site.

All the while, John Hagee’s statements that the Nazi Holocaust was a creation of God sent to righteously punish Jews for not being Christians were public knowledge.

We at Irregular Times reported on those statements by Hagee, and other extremely offensive statements, months ago. Those statements have been available to the public for years. In fact, if one does a search to get information about John Hagee, it has been next to impossible not to find them.

McCain-Hagee a new definition of insaneThe only way that John McCain and his presidential campaign could have remained ignorant about John Hagee’s hatred toward Jews, as McCain says was the case, is if McCain did not do any research about John Hagee before seeking his endorsement. Would McCain show the same kind of sloppy work in the White House?

If John McCain knew about John Hagee’s raging antisemitism and said nothing until it became politically inconvenient, McCain is morally unsuitable for the Presidency.

If John McCain sought John Hagee’s endorsement and political partnership without doing a background on Hagee, McCain lacks the basic competence necessary to be President.

Wondering if it’s time to do the dishes,
Mother Davis

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