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Condoleezza Rice on Torture: Legal, Schmegal.

Certain information is liable to be released on a weekend when it is deemed embarrassing enough; since few are paying attention on a Friday or a Saturday, the possibility for public relations damage is minimized. If information is really, really embarrassing, then it is released on a holiday weekend.

We just had a holiday weekend. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice used the cover of that weekend to acknowledge that yes, the Bush administration has broken the law. Or, as she put it when asked why George W. Bush and his cabinet conspired to use water torture on people detained without warrants or charges:

Whatever was legal in the face of not just the attacks of Sept. 11, but the anthrax attacks that happened, we were in an environment in which saving America from the next attack was paramount…. I don’t want anyone to believe that even when we were in that different place that we failed to ask the question: “Are we living up to our laws and to our treaty obligations?” We asked the questions even then, but it is a different America now than what has been and gone.

Did you follow that? Sure, we thought about whether we breaking the law. Then we did it. Legal, schmegal. Terrorists!

3 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice on Torture: Legal, Schmegal.”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    And then they continued to do it, even after the threat of terrorism had passed.

  2. Tom says:

    And now, just like TAXES, it ain’t goin’ away any time soon!

    Happy now, all you lunatics that thought Bush was so great? How about those tax cuts?

    Woo-hoo, boy, mission accomplished!

    Enjoy the ride to the poorhouse.

  3. Licorice says:

    Jim, you misspelled it. Its “legal, Smeagol”.

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