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Help Design the New South Carolina Welcome Sign

Considering the passage and upcoming signature into the law of South Carolina Bill 1329, I think the time is right for a little public relations work. You see, when the bill mandates that the government print license plates celebrating Christianity and Christianity alone, I think it says something essential about South Carolina. The fact that the bill was approved on a unanimous 109-to-zero vote by the South Carolina legislature suggests a cultural consensus in South Carolina of which it must be proud. So why wouldn’t South Carolinians want to be upfront and share the message?

Here are some of my ideas for the new sign to welcome travelers crossing into South Carolina:

Sign: Welcome to South Carolina, As Long as You Love Jesus

Sign: South Carolina, Separate and Unequal All Over Again

Sign: South Carolina Cherishes Religious Diversity: Baptist AND Pentacostal!

South Carolina Welcome Sign: Where God Needs the Government's Help

Welcome Sign reading South Carolina: Whites, Oops, Christians Only

Welcome Sign... South Carolina: as biogted as you think we are

Welcome Sign: South Carolina, Where Every Day is 682 AD

If you have an idea of your own for new South Carolina welcome billboard design, please share. Let’s help South Carolina express its true essence.

4 thoughts on “Help Design the New South Carolina Welcome Sign”

  1. hendrixbot says:

    SC: Where you can count your taxes as tithe.

  2. John_Stracke says:

    South Carolina: Home Of The Country’s Largest Recto-Cranial Inversion Clinic!

  3. Joe says:

    Good to see you still hate Jesus…Thats not a plate as much as an observation

  4. Jim says:

    “Joe,” this country does not just belong to Christians, as much as some people try very hard to make it that way. This country belongs to everybody. If you can’t hack that, fella, and if you think that anybody who stands in the way must “still hate Jesus,” then you’ve got some growing to do.

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