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If God Exists, He Celebrates Gay Marriage in Greece

Yesterday, the mayor of the Greek island of Tilos performed the nation’s first same-sex marriage in a civil town hall ceremony.

If we are to believe the likes of fundamentalist Christian leaders John Hagee and Pat Robertson, God uses weather events to punish people engaged in the sorts of marriages He doesn’t like.

That makes the weather surrounding Tilos yesterday a useful empirical test of the Hagee-Robertson hypothesis, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, Tilos enjoyed sunny skies and a high of a mild and comfortable 79 degrees. The forecast for today is the same.

If Hagee and Robertson are right about God, then it seems he has a soft spot in his Infinite Heart for gay marriage.

2 thoughts on “If God Exists, He Celebrates Gay Marriage in Greece”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No Donnie McClurkin ref? Thats odd.

  2. Jim says:

    No donut in the left armpit? Thats even.

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