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There is No Border Fence in San Diego! Aaaah!

I was tickled when I visited YouTube this morning to see J. Clifford’s North American Union Superhighway video. It’s a bit of Blair Witchy satire mocking the idea that there exists some secret incipient North American Union — and pointing out that there are many highways and byways connecting the countries of North America already. What tickled me was the claim by a commenter named “onesheepdog”:

The U.S. borders are wide open. Go to the San Ysidro border (San Diego/Mexico) and there is no fence. If we are fighting the “War on Terror” then why are our borders not secure? You will see by 2010, there will be a Nafta Super Highway, a North American Union (merge of Canada, U.S. and Mexico) and the new currency…the Amero.

San Ysidro Border Wall (San Diego and Mexico)Onesheepdog is, literally speaking, correct. There is no fence at the San Ysidro border! There is a big, tall, border wall.

Just you wait, though! Mark Onesheepdog’s words! By 2010 — that’s in a year and a half — there will be a NAFTA superhighway, a merger of Canada, U.S. and Mexico, and a new currency called the Amero. Oh, I’ll be counting down the months. Oh, yes I will.

2 thoughts on “There is No Border Fence in San Diego! Aaaah!”

  1. thetruth says:

    What a stupid fucking cunt you are. This is real legislation that was struck down in texas, started by Clinton, and continues to be resubmitted, recent advance was Bush allowing Mexican truckers on said highway.

    1. Jim says:

      No, no, this is not real legislation. This is a wall. Legislation is usually written on paper, and is not 20 feet tall and guarded by people with guns.

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