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Since When Are US Voters Liberal Special Interests?

Barack Obama has finally wrapped up the Democratic nomination – and how did he do it? Who gave Barack Obama this victory? Who picked Barack Obama?

Since when are american voters liberal special interestsIt was voters in all 50 states, plus some American territories. Grassroots Democrats, and independents, and even Republicans in some states, were the people who got to make the choice.

Barack Obama got the Democratic presidential nomination because he earned the support of the majority of interested American voters. He was their pick.

Yet, the Republicans have already found out a way to lie about that. Last night the Republican National Committee sent out an email with the photograph that you see here.

The Republican email shares the title embedded in the graphic:

Liberal Special Interests Pick Obama

Liberal special interests?!? What liberal special interests? I couldn’t figure it out. Here was Barack Obama, whose nomination was the choice of voters all across America, but the Republican Party was saying that somehow Obama is the pick of liberal special interests. What liberal special interests could the Republicans be talking about.

Then I put two and two together. Those “liberal special interests” that the Republicans keep talking about, those “liberal special interests” who picked Obama, they’re you.

The Republican Party thinks that American voters are liberal special interests.

It’s American voters who picked Barack Obama, after all, and now here the Republicans are saying that “liberal special interests”. Well, voters are special, I’ll agree with that.

Interests? Our government should be interested in voters, so, okay.

Liberal? Are American voters really liberal, as the Republican National Committee says in its email? I hope so.

Liberals are people who love liberty. Liberty is the most traditional American value there is. Liberty is the foundation of the Constitution of the United States of America. Liberty is the idea that broke the 13 American colonies away from British rule.

Barack Obama is the pick of those who love liberty. Barack Obama is the pick of special people. Barack Obama is the pick of the people whose interests the government needs to have at heart.

Okay. I’ll buy that.

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