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Catholic League Offers Wimpy Art Criticism in Place of Real Protest

Catholic group protests New York student paintings,” declares an Associated Press article by Verena Dobnik. What do you think that means?

Did you have in mind that the Catholic League organized a picket of the Cooper Union, the art school that exhibited paintings the League doesn’t like? The Catholic League did not, and perhaps it could not, considering that it is mainly a paper organization persisting through fundraising letters.

Did you have in mind that the Catholic League has called for a boycott of the Cooper Union? It has not. Neither has it asked the Cooper Union to stop displaying the paintings that it doesn’t like. Perhaps it has not done this because it realizes it has absolutely no standing to do so. The Cooper Union is an art school for adults, privately owned and operated. It is frankly none of the Catholic League’s business what art the Cooper Union displays, no more its business than what art you choose to hang in your home.

No, the Catholic League has done not one of these things. Follow the links in that AP article and you’ll find that all the Catholic League has done is to issue a press release declaring that it doesn’t like the paintings. This is not a big deal. It’s a kerfuffle in a kerchief.

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