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I Came, I Saw, I Conquered $4.00 Per Gallon at the Pump

Charles Adamczyk writes in a letter to the editor to the Erie Times-News:

Gas prices. CEO salaries. Governments. Politicians. Voting. Democracy. Judicial system. Murder. Polygamy. Rape. Homosexual weddings. Ego. Evolution. Entertainment industry, and so on.

Can anyone describe to me the old Roman Empire?

Well, I just did. Unfortunately for me, it’s now called the United States of America.

And we know what happened to the Roman Empire, don’t we?

May God bless America.

See, we all learn something new every day. I had no idea that the Romans suffered from high gas prices at the pump.

What have you learned from this letter?

P.S. Wait a minute… the Romans had fingers. We have fingers. Oh. My. God.

2 thoughts on “I Came, I Saw, I Conquered $4.00 Per Gallon at the Pump”

  1. InGeorgia says:

    Oh, don’t forget venereal disease! We have that too. I saw, I came, I cankered. Hyaw. Cankered. I’m slapping my own knee.

  2. hendrixbot says:

    And they would have stopped those vandals sacking Rome in just 6 more months if they hadn’t made Julius HUSSEIN Caesar the emperor.

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