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Elected, Selected T-Shirt Not Appearing Despite “Huge Market”

Somebody is making the rounds, declaring that there’s a “huge market” out there for a t-shirt that reads “She was Elected, He was Selected.” Ignore for the moment that it is not true — Obama had more delegates from the state elections even if you don’t count the superdelegates. Ignore for the moment that the Hillary Clinton campaign was arguing earlier in the Spring that the superdelegates were the best arbiters of the election, and that anyone who didn’t say so was silly and a fool. Even if you ignore all that, is there really such a huge market for this shirt? I can’t find anyone who has made the shirt, and I don’t see any inclination that there’s anyone besides this person who really wants one.

If you think there really is a “huge market” out there for such a shirt, go ahead and make it… but my guess is that you’ll be disappointed.

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