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Kooky Congressman Ted Poe Proposes Invading Mexico

The more I look at the statements made by Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe, the more clear it becomes that Representative Poe is a truly bizarre man. The bizarro meter for Ted Poe went off the charts, though, when I discovered that a week ago today, in a short speech Poe entitled “Maginot Line Of Indifference”, Congressman Poe essentially called for an American war against Mexico.

Poe invoked the story of General Pershing’s authorization to invade Mexico as an example of what he thought would make sensible policy today. Representative Poe then described Mexico as an enemy of the sort the U.S. military confronted in World War II in the form of Nazi Germany.

So, America needs to go to war against Mexico because it’s a moral cause on the order of the fight against the Nazis? Yes, that’s what Ted Poe really said. Read it yourself below, and look it up in the congressional record from June 10th if you think I’m making it all up:

“I am puzzled why we seem to ignore the thousands of trespassers, or invaders, if I can use that term, that come from all nations and cross our border without permission.

When Mexico invaded the United States at Brownsville, Texas, in 1846, we went to war to defend the southern border. When the outlaw, now folk hero, General Pancho Villa and his bandits came into the United States from Mexico to commit crimes in New Mexico, the United States sent General Blackjack Pershing to go after him, even if it meant going to Mexico.

That was during a time when our sovereignty was important to the Nation and to the Federal Government. But the invasion now is much worse. Some estimates put the number of illegals in the United States between 15 and 35 million people. Why don’t we have the same moral resolve we had in World War II and Korea to defend our borders from this stealth invasion?”

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