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Your Government is in a Rush to Pass a Constitution-Shrinking Law Before the Public Reads it. Why?

Your government is in a big rush. All of a sudden, poof!, just like that, dealmakers in Congress have announced that a bill called H.R. 6304 will be voted on tomorrow.

But here’s the thing — the bill is so new, just introduced, that the Library of Congress hasn’t even yet published it for, oh, I don’t know, the American public to read or something.

Why is your government in such a hurry to pass a bill before the American public reads it?

Fortunately, the Electronic Freedom Foundation has obtained a copy of the text of H.R. 6304, and we’re providing a mirror copy it for you to download and read.

Download it. Read it. Then agitate. Call your House Representative. Tell him or her to put a brake on the passage of this act until the American public gets a chance to read it. Ask if he or she has actually read the bill. Chances are, the answer is no. See if you’ll get an honest answer.

Don’t let your government turn representative democracy into a sham.

6 thoughts on “Your Government is in a Rush to Pass a Constitution-Shrinking Law Before the Public Reads it. Why?”

  1. Tom says:

    To answer your lead question, Georgie only has a few more months left (about 200 days), so they have to get everything in place so that corporate Amerikkka can keep all the rest of us in poverty and powerless to change anything. Talk about a busy schedule! He has to finish his job of making the U.S. a police state, keep the money rolling in to the military industrial complex (by signing deals with Iraq to keep us there forever) and help Israel kill off its threatening neighbors, not to mention all the departments he has to evicerate of any power before he leaves. Whew! He’ll need a vacation after destroying the country!

  2. sam says:

    What! The public does not need to be allowed to read a bill before it’s passed. That never was a requirement. That’s why we are a Represenative Republic. We have people that do that for us. You fools keep making up rules as you go along thinking that it’s law….

    And Tom…take some prozac…you are too fraking angry…..

  3. Peregrin Wood says:

    Sam, you confuse what’s required with what’s decent and good for democracy. Your low standards are leading America to slink into the shadows. Have you no shame?

  4. sam says:

    “Sam, you confuse what’s required with what’s decent and good for democracy.”

    Sure I know…I just don’t measure it by your yard stick….mine works fine for me….and last I saw not many people measure by your stick….which by the way…is warped….by my standards of course….

  5. Astropeg says:

    Main stream media is busy programming the public with what it wants it to think and how it wants it to behave. Main stream media is owned by big business. It is Big business, not the people, who controls Congress. Do some research into really owns big business and you find that a very few and supposed “elite” are attempting to run (and destroy) the world. If this sounds far fetched, do some research beyond what you are fed through main stream media. Check out “Talk by Naomi Wolf – The End of America” on youtube. The more you research, the more you’ll realize that a repeat of Nazi Germany is only one National State of Emergency away. HR 6304 merely puts some additional control features in place that will make it easier for the powers that be to finalize their plan.

    Additional things to research: Bilderburg Group, the truth of Aspartame and who manufacturers and supplies this (without proper testing), bio-electromagnetic weapons, H.A.A.R.P, Chemtrails, weather modification (including bills recently passed allowing the military to modify our weather with capabilities of creating tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, droughts, and temperature change), weather conditions on other planets and that all planets “climates” are currently changing (no, our cars and styro-foam cups are not bringing the planet to the brink of extinction though the government may be), the known harmful effects of fluoride, depleted Uranium and the fact that the US’s use of it makes us the true terrorist of the planet, the Federal Reserve and that there is nothing federal about it and that the world banksters who run the federal reserve are ensuring a camouflaged slave state, the NAU – North American Union, Henry Kissengers 1974 WHO “population control” speech and how it is currently being instituted, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion…. the list goes on and on. One can continue being one of the “sheeple” and sticking their head in the sand or they can wake up and see that history is repeating itself to a much more horrifying and greater degree.

  6. Sam says:

    Oh boy….conspiracies all around…..

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