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Audio: 6/20 Speech by Barack Obama against H.R. 6304, Bill to Gut Constitution

Click here for an audio recording of the speech given by Barack Obama today, June 20 2008, reacting in opposition to the passage of H.R. 6304, a bill which would nullify the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Because surely he must have given one, because he specifically committed earlier this year to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, because he specifically committed earlier this year to oppose the provisions that this bill contains. So here is his speech. Listen to it.

It consists entirely of the chirping of crickets.

7 thoughts on “Audio: 6/20 Speech by Barack Obama against H.R. 6304, Bill to Gut Constitution”

  1. Sam says:

    It doesn’t nullify the 4th amendment……

  2. Jim says:

    Until the Supreme Court rules it down, it certainly does. And how can it be judged by the Supreme Court when the bill removes citizens’ standing to bring a case to court?

    What makes you so eager to lick the boots of authority, Sam? Fear, or something else?

  3. sam says:

    Knock off the fear shit…I fear nothing…but I do worry about folks like you that are absolutists and can’t see the bigger picture. You worry more that the Government will see the junk you order thro the internet and get in plain brown wrappers than finding those that are making IEDs for use during the I95 morning rush hour….get real…do think so little of the average American. They will allow certain things to happen for their safty and will holler when it’s too much. And at present it isn’t….

  4. sam says:

    And as for boot licking…I lick as many boots of authority as you kiss progressive extremist ass…no wait…bad analogy…..

  5. Peregrin Wood says:

    Sam, do you even know what the 4th amendment to the constitution is, and what it does?

    Do you?

  6. Bryant says:

    Don’t bother guys, sam is like the rest of Americans, ignorant and happy about it. I’ve given up all hope that Obama’s “Hope! Change! Hope! Change!” will actually mean anything. We’re fucked as a country and fucked as a species, and people like sam will be around to the end of it.

  7. body cavity search says:

    Some day, Sam, when Barack and Michelle are in the White House snorting coke and bumping knuckles, and the Black Panthers comes to your door without a warrant, you’re going to be trying to think of some reason you can keep them out with all your fancy locks, and you won’t have even one reason. And won’t it be funny because they will be following a law that YOU FOUGHT FOR.

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