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Conyers: House Democrats Allow Gutting of Constitution on Assurances from Bush

John Conyers (who voted against H.R. 6304), explaining today why the Democratic Party leadership acquiesced to a bill that permits the Attorney General to electronically spy upon and physically search any person or property in the United States or elsewhere, without a warrant, in a system policed by the Attorney General him- or her-self:

There is a provision in the legislation that permits the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence to begin a surveillance prior to seeking court approval for the necessary procedures in exigent circumstances. This is intended to be used rarely if at all and was included upon assurances from the administration that agrees that it shall not be used routinely.

Yes, you read that right: the Democrats caved in on the Constitution, upon assurances from George W. Bush that he would play nice with the provision and not use it too much.

Dear me. Don’t they get it? George W. Bush saying “trust me” is like an alcoholic saying “just one more drink.”

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