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National Obama Line Flooded With Protests on H.R. 6304; Call Other Local Numbers

An hour ago, I passed on the suggestion that you call Barack Obama and voice with urgency your feeling that he should keep his promise and filibuster H.R. 6304, the bill that would gut the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and place us all under the arbitrary and unchecked search and surveillance authority of the president.

The good news is that Barack Obama’s national phone number, 866-675-2008, is absolutely swamped with calls. The bad news is that this means you can’t add your voice to the chorus at the number.

Try calling these numbers. They’re appropriate, given that the issue is pending legislation:

U.S. Senate DC Office: (202) 224-2854
U.S. Senate IL Office: (312) 886-3506

If you know of any other current state or local Obama HQ numbers for people to call, please pass them along in the comments. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “National Obama Line Flooded With Protests on H.R. 6304; Call Other Local Numbers”

  1. Jon says:

    The NC number reports as “not a working number”

  2. Jon says:

    Texas number is not working either.

    Illionois office wants you to cal back during business hours and the DC voicemail is FULL

  3. Fruktata says:

    I encountered several offices that had full voicemail too. How very STRANGE that the Obama campaign, with its millions and millions of dollars, is all of a sudden unable to simply take telephone calls. Why, it’s as if they don’t really want to listen, isn’t it?

    Just stand back, everybody, and let Barack Obama give one of his pretty speeches, while our Constitution suffers the damage of Obama’s new alliance with George W. Bush.

  4. Jim says:

    I went to Barack Obama headquarters in Ohio and they listened and asked me questions and took my number then promised they would get back to me with clarification on Obama’s position on H.R. 6304. This was at noon yesterday. I am still waiting.

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