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50 Dead in Two Iraq Bombings Were Not Prepared

Approximately 50 people have been killed in two new bombings in Iraq. The dead include three American soldiers.

Iraq is a violent place with rampant terrorism, although right wingers claim it as a shining success of peace and stability. Here in the United States, right wingers say that we’re in grave danger of terrorist attack at any moment, though there hasn’t been a terrorist attack here in years, and there’s no sign of terrorist organizations working within the borders of the USA.

The right wing in America seems to be living in a mirror-image alternative dimension, where danger is safe and safe is dangerous.

They’ve set up through the Department of Homeland Security, just to keep us on our toes. Fear has now gone way beyond duct tape and plastic sheeting. It now, according to the photos as, includes a rubbermaid container with trail mix in it. warns me to be vigilant against everything from snow to radiation attacks, that form of “dirty bomb” terrorism that, um, has never taken place anywhere on Earth. Hey, but you never know what might happen, and that’s why we’re!

In fact, to help us get ready, has announced that this September will be the fifth annual National Preparedness Month. Yes, it’s still just June, but the Department of Homeland Security is making the early announcement so that when National Preparedness Month arrives, you will be, you know, prepared for it.

If September 2008 is the 5th annual National Preparedness Month, doesn’t that mean that the four previous National Preparedness months didn’t actually get America prepared? Perhaps it ought to be renamed National Not Quite Ready Yet Month.

Postscript – Here’s a tip for There’s no section on how to be ready in case a meteorite crashes into your home. Please, Department of Homeland Security – we’re vulnerable to meteorite attack, so tell us how we can prepare to deal with this threat!

2 thoughts on “50 Dead in Two Iraq Bombings Were Not Prepared”

  1. Intelligent American says:

    You’re a fucking idiot. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If the 5th annuall was in 2008 that means the first was in 2003. So they had 2 plus years of prepardness before Katrina… To bad the gov was not getting prepared themselves…

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