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Feingold, Dodd et al Buy Time For America to Stop Warrantless Physical and Electronic Searches

Senators Russell Feingold and Christopher Dodd promised to filibuster H.R. 6304. (So did Senator Barack Obama, but his word is apparently cheap.) Feingold, Dodd and 13 others in the Senate followed through on the barest version of a filibuster: voting against ending debate on the measure. Congratulations enough go to these Senators for having the courage to stand up the gutting of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution:

Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware
Senator Barbara Boxer of California
Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio
Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington
Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois
Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin
Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa
Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts
Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey
Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont
Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
Senator Charles Schumer of New York
Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon

The Senators could have stopped there, told the public they’d done all they could do, and let the rest of the Senate uncomplicatedly pass H.R. 6304. But the group continued on. The Associated Press reports that Senator Feingold, Senator Dodd and an undisclosed group of others in the Senate (most likely consisting of those listed above) have been demanding explicit and excruciatingly long adherence to all the rules of the Senate in passing H.R. 6304 over the past few days. The effect of this has been to grind the Senate down to a plodding pace. This filibuster in spirit has led Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to acquiesce to pressure and delay any vote on H.R. 6304 until at least July 7.

Every day that the Senate delays is another day gone before the November elections. If we can make it that far, this bill will have a whole new Congress — and a whole new president — to contend with.

Every day that the Senate delays is also an opportunity for Americans aware of the threat from H.R. 6304 to inundate the Senate with phone calls. If that is you, click here to get your Senators’ direct phone numbers, then call them today.

Every day that the Senate delays is an opportunity for Americans aware of the threat from H.R. 6304 to educate another America about that threat. The Senate Fifteen have given us enough time to spread the word. So blog about it. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Make a podcast. Make a video. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your family. Tell them about the freedom-quashing aspects of this bill. It’s not too late to preserve American civil liberty if enough of us will only try.

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