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Consumer Picks for Barack Obama’s Running Mate, June 2008

For some time now we’ve been selling buttons, bumper stickers and t-shirts that pair various combinations of candidates as president and vice president into Democratic tickets for the White House in 2008. Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and is in the process of deciding who his running mate will be, I thought I’d share the distribution of our sales. Here’s the share of sales of stickers, buttons and shirts with various running mate combinations for the month so far, June 1-28, 2008:

Obama-Olbermann: 46.5%
Obama-Clinton: 26.5%
Obama-Edwards: 10.7%
Obama-Richardson: 8.3%
Obama-Gore: 1.2%
Obama-Moyers: 1.1%

Less than 1% share each:

No sales whatsoever:

To put these numbers in perspective, all the running-mate related sales we had put together made up just 1.8% of our total sales altogether. People seem much more interested in general support of Barack Obama, general opposition to John McCain, and lingering disdain for George W. Bush than in supporting any particular vice presidential candidate.

One thought on “Consumer Picks for Barack Obama’s Running Mate, June 2008”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Edwards has said he doesn’t want the job, Obama has all but said he’s not considering Clinton, and Richardson pretty much failed to interest people in the main race any of the last couple elections. Does that make Olbermen really the most likely? Wow.

    (answer: no, not the most likely. but still an amusing idea.)

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