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Open Revolt at Takes Top Position

Earlier today, I was surprised to see that the grassroots group at that opposes the FISA Amendments Act had reached ten thousand members. I didn’t imagine at the time what is about to happen. By the time we wake up tomorrow morning, this insurgent group of Obama activists who are now opposing Barack Obama’s embrace of the FISA Amendments Act will be the largest grassroots group on

This group is in open rebellion against Barack Obama’s campaign leadership. They’re not just following along like good little sheep. They’re talking back, loudly, to power.

I wonder if Barack Obama is listening, or if he has merely decided to push the earplugs in a little deeper.

Here’s a chart showing the latest numbers:

Internal revolt within the Barack Obama campaign against leadership chart

22 thoughts on “Open Revolt at Takes Top Position”

  1. Jim says:

    My favorite name from the quickly growing set of members to that group is one “Robin Hussein Sweetie Bitter Elitist Arugula eating Vegan Hartman.”

  2. Jean says:

    I still think Hillary is the on. We must start a write in campaign. Being united is wonderful but I can’t support him since he agrees with George Bush on the Religion program in the governemt. I believe in the separation of church and state has to be kept or we will only follow down futher roads that aren’t good for our country.

    Write in for Hillary!!!!

  3. Jim says:

    Jean, what you’ve just written only makes sense if Hillary Clinton is more progressive on the issue that Barack Obama. She’s not. She flogged religion harder than Barack Obama during the primaries, and has long been a supporter of faith-based initiatives.

  4. James says:

    Liberals and Ron Paul camp join forces on Spy bill. United we Stand.

  5. neoconned says:

    Get used to it folks. The anti-war, anti-lobbyist senator that just got finished giving a speech before AIPAC, a pro-israel lobbyist group, had some pretty harsh rhetoric aimed at Iran.

    Wait….didn’t Nancy Pelosi just pull a bill that would have kept Bush from attacking Iran without Congressional approval at AIPAC’s request? Ya…..some real change man 🙁

    Now the Patriot Act…….Patriot Act 2……FISA telecom immunity. I’m not real sure what else folks need to see that the only thing much different about Obama is the color of his skin.

    His foreign and domestic policies are the status quo pretty much. Sure…he supposedly wants out of Iraq….but let’s see if he removes all the troops from the 14 permanent bases that are there or addresses the issue of the single largest US embassy on the entire planet being in Iraq and how that makes the Iraqi’s feel.

    People fail to realize that it was the Clinton administration who initiated the Iraq Regime Change policy in the White House. Bush just followed through on what Clinton put forth. Now we have our troops there and an embassy the size of the Vatican, along with all the western petroleum companies that got the boot a few decades back by saddam…………ya……we can *draw down* our troop levels now. Great going Obama. You are such a leader man.

    How about you tell everyone about how our currency is backed by the sales of petroleum and any nation that refuses to sell their oil in dollars gets portrayed as the devil in US media until we garner enough uneducated support to initiate war with these nations.

    Tell them how Saddam quit selling oil in dollars and started selling it in euros in 2000. How the Iranians have created an Oil Bourse to sell their oil on the open commodities markets in currencies other than the dollar and that’s the real reason Bush and Obama and the rest have increasingly harsh rhetoric towards Iran. Same with Chavez.

    Obama is going to bring nothing but more guns and butter, neither of which we can afford. War and Socialism are not the answer to our problems folks. No matter how alluring socialism seems, it’s a failed ideology. The US is BANKRUPT because of this.

    Ok…here are some links to learn a little bit more about why Obama isn’t going to bring much change and why he is now catering to lobbyist groups like AIPAC, voting for FISA telecom immunity etc.

    please fellow citizens…..let’s join together and take back this once great nation. The leaches in our government that are just feeding off our tax dollars, hard work, and ignorance about monetary policy aren’t going to help us.

  6. Nick says:

    Can somebody compare the change Obama offers compared to how our country is run now? It would be really helpful in decideing if he gets my vote, but i cant see any change that he offers.

  7. dildo says:


  8. Forumfall says:




  9. Mike says:

    My hope is that by revealing himself slowly but surely with issues like the FISA bill, Faith based initiatives, 2nd Amendment stances, and previously voting for the Patriot Act, continuous voting to fund the war that he’s “against”, and so on, Obama’s younger supporters will start to understand that he is nothing more than your status quo politician. And with him, nothing will change.

    Once they understand this, they are invited to join the real movement of the people, forged by a real man of the people. The man that has true principles, has a true philosophy that is not to be sold for votes. The man who has a record to stand on…we all should know…the real patriot is Ron Paul.

    Join the Campaign For Liberty. for the real change.


  10. Dave says:

    When will you see the light?

    Ron Paul for President

  11. Junga says:

    When Ron Paul takes back his crazy statement that nothing that he does has any harmful impact on the environment, and everything ought to work according to the freakin’ genius of the marketplace.

    Oh, and then there’s Paul’s little white supremacist problem.

  12. Vanno says:

    Can we convince the mindless public to support a spineless candidate, with no principles?

    Yes we can
    Yes we can
    Good lord almighty yes we can!

  13. Vanno says:

    “When Ron Paul takes back his crazy statement that nothing that he does has any harmful impact on the environment…..

    Oh, and then there’s Paul’s little white supremacist problem.”

    Prove that he is a racist, or that he has a substantial impact on the environment.

  14. Sammy says:

    The real “Obama” is coming out. He has many people believing in “change”. What change? He does not and will not make any changes. Big business and the central bank (if it still exists) will be in charge. Obama will be a “yes sir” man.

    Join the campaign for liberty now. Lets get control of the government back!

  15. James says:

    Junga, Ron Paul has suspended his campaign. What we have is an opportunity to unite in areas where we agree. I see that the supporters of Obama feel just as strongly as Ron Paul’s supporters do about the loss of our Constitutional rights. We also agree about ending the Iraq war. If the people who we elect to represent us do not listen to us then it’s up to the people to make them start. So let’s ignore our differences for the time being and concentrate on taking our country back. This is way more important than bickering. Let’s see what we can do as a united group. We could be a force to be reckoned with. Let’s do it!

    I invite you to check out

  16. Junga says:

    Fine, James. Just don’t ask me to support Ron Paul… and this Campaign for Liberty thing seems to be all about cheerleading for Ron Paul. Put Ron Paul into the mix, and people get turned off fast. Unifying on the issues means keeping attention-hog, divisive politicians like Ron Paul out of the spotlight.

    I want my Constitution back. I don’t want to help Ron Paul sell his book.

  17. James says:

    Junga, You wrote “I want my Constitution back.” You are my kind of person! I recently ordered 100 pocket Constitutions to give out. You probably guessed that I am a Ron Paul supporter. But this is bigger than Obama or Paul. This is about the loss of our freedoms that we have suffered under this administration. The Patriot Act, was just the first step. I am most concerned about S1959, formerly HR 1955, commonly called the Thought Police Bill. As you probably know, this bill will end freedom of speech as we know it. Although this link is from a Ron Paul blog, it shows just how concerned I am should this bill pass. Please check it out if you have time.

  18. Ronuloid says:

    Obama, is a New World Order, CFR, fraud. The more I learn about him, the more I dislike him. Ron Paul, is the real deal. A true man of the people. The issue is not left vs right. There is very little difference between McCain and Obama. The issue is liberty vs tyranny. Ron Paul, all the way!

  19. Jeff says:

    Another election cycle, and another choice between two evils.

    This is horseshit.

  20. Physician says:

    Read about free market economics at
    Dr. Ron Paul has a long history of writing that supports his positions and a long history of voting and not aberrating from his views or the views of the founding fathers and small government.
    As far as the racist comment, he is by all means not a racist – he is against the government using race in any form and any influence on individual liberty. However, many others in politics believe in taking from one group of people to give to another – that is government coercion and NOT FREEDOM. Taking U.S. citizen money in the form of taxes by the IRS or other purchases and then giving it to other countries is an act of charity that is not endorsed by the constitution. Our representatives love to grand stand and give 40 Billion dollars to noble sounding causes that are ineffectual while not giving those funds for healthcare of our troops or fixing our bridges at home. I am a Ron Paul supporter, I support his ideas which are rooted in the constitution. He is very well read and a good speaker on such things. I have not bought his book, but I do intend to purchase it. How many Presidential candidates have you had a personal conversation with? I spoke with Dr. Paul in person at a rally – he is a good person and would have been a fantastic choice for a leader. He didn’t want to become president to tell you what to do or to take money from you, but to give you the freedom and responsibility that comes with that freedom. Too many people think they want the government to fix everything and tell other people what to do or take from them and give to us. That is wrong and unconstitutional.

  21. JamJ says:

    Junga, learn up or get out of the way sheepboy. U r prolly some immature tool trying to push buttons, nice try. Otherwise u r and ignorant sheep who needs to get out of your safe little box.

  22. Habit says:

    Junga, I love how you feel about the Constitution! Me, too. I am a Ron Paul supporter, but don’t agree with ALL his policies. Anyway, you may be interested to know that Nelson Linder, NAACP Director Austin, Texas says Ron Paul is NOT racist.

    The important thing is for freedom-loving Americans to unite and support one another, no matter what Political party we endorse, imo…

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