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New FBI Three-Step Dance Shows Just How Far Government Spying on Americans Will Go

There is news out there so important that I feel the need to reiterate what J. Clifford wrote about it yesterday:

Today, the FBI revealed that it plans to begin domestic spying on “American citizens and legal residents using the following two-step dance:

Step 1: Racial Profiling, Religious Discrimination, Pre-Crime. Working from extensive data-mining operations that collect information on all Americans’ identity and activities, run statistical analyses to predict which Americans are most likely to become terrorists, based on independent variables such as ethnicity and religion.

Step 2: Wiretap those people who fit the profiling, discriminatory, pre-crime determination. Under current law regarding FISA, amended by the Patriot Act, Americans can be spied on by their government without a probable cause warrant from a judge so long as the government says “a significant purpose” of domestic spying is to collect intelligence on “agents of a foreign power.” Under the new FISA Amendments Act, the judge’s oversight on this determination is removed with the implementation of 67-day-long no-warrant no-judge surveillance of anyone at all whenever a presidential administration says there’s an emergency reason to do so.

A presidential administration can keep the information obtained even if after 67 days a FISA judge says the surveillance was out of line.

Did I say two-step dance? What about a Homeland Security waltz? What do you think a presidential administration would direct the FBI to do with such information?

Step Three: Additions to an extensive data-mining operation that collects information on Americans’ identity and activities, using the results to further interfere in American citizens’ lives and restrict their constitutional liberty.

This is not the liberty my Constitution tells me about.

3 thoughts on “New FBI Three-Step Dance Shows Just How Far Government Spying on Americans Will Go”

  1. Tom says:

    yeah, happy 4th of July

  2. MadMike says:

    Hey, why not go the whole way and sell the contents of your private communications to our favourite corporations ? Then they can interrupt your phonecalls to deliver targeted adverts on the latest brand of toothpaste, so you are not afraid to meet that dream girl face to face, or tack on a “message from our sponsors” onto the end of your emails.

    Sheez, I’m glad to be English. Well, apart from the fact that our government is working on exactly the same thing. Oh – and your government already considers me fair game for spying, as I’m not a citizen.

    Fun times eh 😉

  3. Horatio says:

    Why not sell the contents? Because they will soon be able to grab them for free, working with the President. Why would they want to pay money for what they can steal?

    Thanks, Barack Obama, for supporting this thievery.

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