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Obama Supporter’s Questions on FISA Go Unanswered

Yesterday, Barack Obama made a statement regarding his support for H.R. 6304, along with a complete lack of an answer regarding the sections of the bill that permit surveillance of Americans for 67 days without any oversight or regulation, much less a warrant. The campaign promised to make policy advisors Danielle Gray, Denis McDonough and Ben Rhodes available to answer the questions.

One Obama supporter named Tiffany, who made it quite clear that she continues to support Barack Obama and fully intends to vote for Obama in November, asked five questions:

1. With many of his supporters online and in the media like, Keith Olberman, urging the Senator to vote against FISA or make significant changes, why doesn’t the Senator act to block the passage of this bill until he is in the White house? What is with the urgency?

2. The FISA Bill will allow “wiretapping” of overseas communications with citizens of the US. Countries like Great Briton have opposed such measures (although the US is negotiating with them), what are the reliefs for Americans being wiretapped and will this information be disclosed to the American citizen so that they can pursue criminal charges?

3. Why did Obama wait to disclose his position on FISA instead of coming clean during the primaries?

4. What will Obama do to restore Americans civil liberties that have eroded during the Bush administration? The FISA bill is a perfect example as this did not occur during the Oklahoma City bombings.

5. Is there any proof that enacting FISA will reduce terrorism?

They weren’t exactly the questions I would have asked, but they were sincere.

None of Obama’s advisors answered them.

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