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H.R. 6304 in Twenty Seconds (Video): Call the Senate NOW

Here at Irregular Times, we could go on writing and talking about the FISA Amendments Act (H.R. 6304) for days and days. Well, we have.

But there’s also value in brevity. So here’s my description of H.R. 6304 in 20 seconds:

H.R. 6304 lets a president spy on anyone, anywhere for 67 DAYS without a warrant or a reason or oversight, then keep whatever information it obtains.

It’s being voted on TOMORROW, July 8 2008. Call (202) 224-3121 and tell your Senators to vote NO on H.R. 6304.

It’s not an all-inclusive depiction of the problems with H.R. 6304, but it gets to the heart of what I think is wrong with it.

Would you put it a different way? Do! If you have a video camera, make your own H.R. 6304 in 20 Seconds video. Spread it around. There’s no time to lose.

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