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Democrats Against Barbara Mikulski

It’s just six months until George W. Bush leaves the White House. He’s the most unpopular president in American history.

Desperate to cover up his crimes, Bush tells Congress to pass a law that will retroactively legalize his illegal spying programs that snooped on the private communications of millions of Americans. So, what does Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski do? She agrees to do it.

Why? Why would Senator Mikulski betray her constituents like that, allowing for their constitutional rights to be trampled by George W. Bush?

Maryland Democrats Oppose Barbara Mikulski in 2010This issue is too important just to forget about after the vote is cast. The law that Mikulski says she will vote for tomorrow, the FISA Amendments Act, allows the White House to continue spying on Americans’ private conversations, and even to search our homes, without any search warrant or other proof of suspicion, for years to come.

Senator Mikulski’s vote for the FISA Amendments Act is a blatant violation of the Oath of Office, and a grave breach of trust. For that reason, progressive Democrats in Maryland are organizing in opposition to Mikulski’s re-election campaign for 2010.

This article is our little bit to that effort – our statement of Maryland Democrats Against Mikulski.

7 thoughts on “Democrats Against Barbara Mikulski”

  1. Tom says:

    Legally, ethically logically and politically this whole retro-active immunity makes no sense.
    It’s an admission of guilt, yet Congress will pass it anyway. How does that make the United States any better than Zimbabwe, where Mugabe does whatever he wants with complete immunity? Anyone looking at the long troubled history of our country (from the slaughter of the natives and the confiscation of their land through a “might makes right” policy to slavery of foreigners, to corporate America and unbridled capitalism which now has the U.S. military and the CIA at its disposal to regain foreign resources) cannot help but see what we really are – greedy thugs who manipulate the rules and the social contract to fit our purposes. We lie, cheat, steal, and destroy with impunity to get our way. We’re completely despicable and i can’t imagine anyone wanting to “be like us”.

    Just what does the Congress’ ethics committee do? They certainly don’t argue about the FISA Amendment or the Patriot Act or any of the other fascist policies which Congress approved over the past 8 years. Congress is now a sad, cruel joke. The “Justice” department is no longer anything but a rubber stamp for the fascist in chief, who merely makes policy out of corporate desires.

    Where are all the Constitutional lawyers? Why is it that no one challenges this stuff? Because at the end of the road the stacked “Supreme Court” will somehow see it the way the new policies dictate.

    So much for “change we can believe in.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    i have always been a fan of ms mikulski and i can’t believe she is for public insurance. my answer is let those who have insurance keep it and find new insurance for those who do not. i would hope that there are some democrats that just do not vot because of their party affilication but would be honest enough to vote for what the people who put them in there. it seems that a two party system is not the answer to americ’a problem now. we need to get politicians who wwill remember who put them in there and try to think how they would be voting if they were ib the position of most of their constituents. lets be honest with ourselves and give the people the real truth. there is no reason to vote for something because a democrat brings it to the floor or a republican if you do not agree with it. too much bipartisn voting is wrong and it should not matter whether you are republican or democrat. it should just be what you believe in your heart and there are lots of things to be considered in this heath program. i have a friend who is on medicare she is 88 and pays 300 dollars a month for blue cross co pay,. all social secuity recepients pay 96 dollars a month towards welfare. that comes to approx. eleven hundred dollars a year from each recipent. i think find a insurance plan for those that do not have it should be a priority. leave those that are with insurance alone and find a way to help those thatdo not haveit. it is beginning to feel like we are being dictated to and i do not believe you will go along just because you are a democrat. i want my representatives to have a mind of their own. i feel each person should have insurance and those that do not are the ones you should be worried about. i am a registered demcrat but at times have not voted that way. i wish there had been another choice in november but there wasnt. it should not matter which party has the majority. it should be what is best for the county and public insurance is not the answer .. it is a sad time when a republican sendator turns to the democratic party because he feels he has a better chance of being elected. this shows me that that is all that worries the represenatives we have.. i also want to know whan govenere sandfor is still governor and not becaue of his family problem but because he left the country and left a state with no one in charge. its about time we got rid of these kind of people. if something had happened while he was gone who could have made that decision. if the governor of new york had to resign just for playing around then the govenor of the state that governor sanford representd should certainly be out of there,.

    thank you for reading this.

    i am m. vananzo bel air maryland.

    1. Fruktata says:

      She’s for public insurance? Oh my god! You mean, she’s for Medicaid?

  3. Anonymous says:

    i was just told that i had alrady said the previous message and that is not true. this is the first time i have written and would like my message relayed. or don’t you care to have do not agree with.

    1. Jim says:

      Calm down. To combat rapid-fire spammers, a piece of blogging software we use called WordPress doesn’t let you make two comments in some brief period, 15 seconds or so. If you try to post two comments in very quick succession, the WordPress will produce that message you saw. We are not engaged in a nefarious plot to prevent you from saying something about Barbara Mikulski.

  4. Anonymous says:

    why do you say this is a duplicate message when it is not. do i have to have it put in the newspaper or will you please send my former message to ms mikulski and don’t say i have said this before.

  5. Kevin says:

    geez nice clock you got there!

    from Bavaria right?

    Coo-Coo! Coo-Coo! Coo-Coo! Coo-Coo!

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