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Pro-Crime Democrats in the U.S. Senate, July 9 2008

The following is a list of pro-crime Democrats in the United States Senate:

These are the Democrats who voted to keep a provision in H.R. 6304 that would let law-breaking telecommunications corporations get off scot-free, and leave in the lurch the millions of Americans whose rights were violated:

Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware
Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota
Senator Dianne Feinstein of California
Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota
Senator Herb “Tool” Kohl of Wisconsin
Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri
Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
Senator Bill Nelson of Florida
Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas
Senator John “Jay” “Silver Spoons” Rockefeller of West Virginia
Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado
Senator James Webb of Virginia

Citizens are violated. Corporations break the law. These Senators side against citizens. These Senators side against Americans. These Senators side against the actual living people of this land. These Senators side with the criminals.

These pro-crime Democrats make me ill.

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