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A Map of Patriotism in America After the FISA Amendments Act

This is my map of patriotism in the United States. Some of the 50 states had two Senators who acted in allegiance to their Oaths of Office to “support and defend the Constitution” by voting NO against the FISA Amendments Act, the bill to become law that enables warrantless domestic spying in spite of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Some of the 50 states had at last one Senator who had the guts to support and defend the Constitution by voting NO.

Patriotism in the U.S. Senate: Who Voted NO on the FISA Amendments Act?

As you can see, the widest swath of territory in the United States is represented by Senators who unanimously reject patriotism, break their Oath of Office, gut the Constitution and vote YES for the FISA Amendments Act. If you live in one of these red states, I say it’s time for a little peaceful revolt if you really, really care about this country and the Constitution upon which it is based.

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