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Was Your Office Searched Before You Came To Work This Morning?

Welcome back to the office. TGIF! Hey, pal. Have you looked through your files lately? Have you cleaned your hard drive? Any embarrassing e-mails on the server? Just wondering, buddy, because you know, you never know, you know. Anything could happen. Like, hey, was your office searched by government agents this morning? I know, you didn’t get any notice or anything. But they don’t owe you one. Actually, they don’t need a warrant or anything either. Or a reason. According to a new law that was passed while you read some juicy article about Madonna and A-Rod, they never have to tell you about it. You’d never know if it did happen. And if it did happen this morning, forget about getting your record purged clean. The government can keep whatever information it finds. Forever.

Have fun at work!

One thought on “Was Your Office Searched Before You Came To Work This Morning?”

  1. Darebrit says:

    We do indeed live in perilous times. These are indeed times to try men’s souls. While the electronic media frenetically scrambles for some item of non news to bludgeon us with, forces are at work to undermine not only our constitution but all our rights as citizens and human beings.

    We as a nation are becoming totaly ambivalent about our government’s actions in almost every area. And it is not just the administrators and government employees. Our own elected representative continualy enact legislation without properly informing the electorate.

    Take for example the recent proliferation of advertisements concernining the February 2009 change from radio television to digital. We are now informed that our old reliable and inexpensive TV’s must be replaced with Digital TV’s. And one ad suggests that it wil be ILLEGAL to transmit in non digital format. We are also informed that we must purchase a converter or receive no TV signal! Who asked for these changes? Why are we to be charged for this servic? What is the connection between the Media owners and the producers of Digital equipment?

    Maybe we are aproaching the last stage of “1984”. After all, we have GW’s Newspeak as in “war is peace”, Cheyney’s “Big Brother” concept of government where everyone but he is under the corporate government microscope.

    Beware America! Freedom comes at the price of eternal vigilance.

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