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FISA Amendments Act Earns Feinstein Opposition

Senator Dianne Feinstein seems to love testing California Democrats to see just how much abuse they will take. Senator Feinstein has, over the last seven years, voted for the worst of the worst policies presented to Congress by George W. Bush.

Now Feinstein may have found the breaking point for California Democrats. She voted for George W. Bush’s FISA Amendments Act.

Partisan followers within the Democratic Party are trying to hush the whole thing up, but there is a surging wave of Democratic rank and file rebellion about to break on shore. One of the low-lying politicians especially vulnerable to this backlash is Dianne Feinstein.

Feinstein, following the talking points of betrayal, insists that the FISA Amendments Act somehow protects civil liberties. Sadly, that’s a lie. I’ve read the law, and I can state quite clearly that it does not protect civil liberties. It sacrifices them at the altar of Homeland Insecurity. The FISA Amendments Act gives the Attorney General the sole power to declare, without any court’s power to stop it, that the spy programs are legal. Guess who runs the spy programs. Why, goodness me – it’s the Attorney General!

It’s a short video podcast just perfect for a sultry Sunday night in San Diego, on Dianne Feinstein and the FISA Amendments Act:

dianne feinstein fisa amendments act

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