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Progressives Against Obama? Yes, It’s For Real.

Who ever thought that we would see the day when progressive voters would organize against the presidential campaign Barack Obama? That day has arrived.

A month ago, who could have predicted that a triangulating Obama would come out in favor of George W. Bush’s faith-based initiatives scheme, the death penalty, warrantless government spying, and staying in Iraq?

So, over at Progressives Against Obama, they’re doing the only thing that makes sense: They’re encouraging voters to apply grassroots pressure to educate Barack Obama about what happens when the candidate of “hope” and “change” breaks his promises and delivers progressive voters right back into the politics of fear.

Progressives Against Obama advises,

“There is an old story about a scorpion who asks a frog for a ride across a river, assuring the frog that he would never sting him, because to do so would be to kill them both. When the frog reaches the other side with the scorpion on his back, the scorpion stings him anyway, because it is in his nature.

Progressives have seen the nature of Barack Obama. They have been stung by him already, and are not willing to carry him to victory just so that they can get stung again. Obama has broken his promises, and he no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Now is the time to put serious pressure on Barack Obama. After the election, progressives will have no leverage. Now is the time to speak out, precisely because it is so inconvenient for Obama’s campaign that we do so.”

12 thoughts on “Progressives Against Obama? Yes, It’s For Real.”

  1. Ralph says:

    You’ve got “No To Osama Obama” ads right next to your face and identity on those sites.

    I’d fix that if I were you.

    Get really careful about the ways you could be manipulated by the racist and religiously prejudiced opposition to Obama.

    Don’t get played like Nader got played in 2004.

  2. Jim says:

    Ralph, I don’t see the “No to Osama Obama” ads.

    I for one not against Obama. I’m not for Obama. I am opposed to a set of very important policy decisions Barack Obama has made. I am over here. He is over there. That is where I am right now: not against him, not for him.

  3. Ralph says:
    (top left)
    (bottom left)
    (top left)

    I agree with your stance completely. I am also opposed to the policy positions Obama has taken since he shifted to the right in preparation for the general election, and I am offended at the “shut up and get back in line” attitude of his Democratic partisan supporters. I don’t care a bit about his ethnicity or how his name sounds Muslim and I know you don’t either.

    It’s not fair that you should have to worry about what someone might infer from an ad Google put on a site you set up. But this campaign is not fair, and EVERYBODY is playing dirty. I’m just giving you a heads-up about what’s going on.

  4. Ralph says:

    I just checked back to confirm, and the adds shift pretty quick, but they’re still there on each of the pages.

  5. Not Really says:

    You all better get ready for 4 more years. Politics is a game and Obama is playing it very well.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Ralph, I didn’t know that those particular ads were there – given that the ads there shift around. I’m going to try to reset the lenses so that they go away – and so that the proceeds of traffic to the lens all go to the progressive policy organization People for the American Way (already, 20 percent of the proceeds go there).

  7. Jonathan says:

    Damn. I can’t opt out of the Google Ads. I’m going to look for some alternatives, because Squidoo is giving very little control – see – which is one of the lenses I’ve created there that actually defends Barack Obama from racist attacks. It’s got the same damned Osama Obama ad there.

  8. Ralph says:

    Maybe if Squidoo doesn’t allow you to make a political policy statement without directing traffic to racist shops, isn’t a very good tool for political expression.

    And maybe if a phrase like “Squidoo is a Lousy Tool for Political Expression” got some search engine mojo, something might change.

    I’m sure it’s all automated, but isn’t it interesting how–due the the action of some computer calculation–if you’re against Obama you’re a racist. Automated stereotyping!

    I guess the more things “change,” the more they stay the same.

  9. katie stevens says:

    It’s now 7/28/2010. This post is still relevant. It’s the way I feel about the Healthcare “Reform” legislation.

    1. Jim says:

      … and is now defunct.

  10. Hendrix says:

    Commenter “Not Really” certainly nailed it…

  11. James says:

    I don’t know what to say here. I’ll start by saying I can’t vote for the guy. I know we could end up with Bachman, but the acceptance of a Bachman or Romney were made possible by Obama and Democrat timidity (or is it “we’ll just make it look good for our corporate friends”). I just don’t believe that these people and their crazy ideas would be possible if it were not for Obama’s center-right timidity. But is it timidity? I just can’t believe anyone negotiates as stupidly as Obama has on taxes, health care, and now the debt ceiling. He has good cover (blame the Republicans, and no doubt there is truth to this), but each time he negotiates from the Republicans turf rather than his own, they are emboldened. The Republicans just keep getting greedier and crazier all the time. Even conservatives admit this.
    The strange part about all of this that I can’t figure out is how someone who seems to feel it in his heart, as if he has an inside understanding, does just the opposite of his so called convictions. Either it is lack of courage, wanting to be accepted by people who will never accept him, or he’s a socio-path. He gets it, he understands it, but he’s not going to fight for it or make the case for it – even if he has the moral high ground and/or wide public support. It’s like the Wizard of Oz, he has the brains, the heart, but his lion sucks.
    I was really hoping to see a viable candidate step forward like Russ Fiengold, but who can blame anyone for not wanting run in the current political climate. We are on self-destruct, and nothing is going to stop it until it plays itself out. Nonetheless, a true progressive with courage could rally the populace and the democrats. But I fear after Obama the people who fought so hard to get him elected will be extremely weary of participating again with any candidate that seems “real”. If there’s one thing I am most resentful with Obama about is that he delivered a deadly blow to the enthusiasm, and belief that democracy could work in America again.
    So no, I just can’t bring myself to vote for the him.

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