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What a Sincere Senator Obama Owes the Nation on the FISA Amendments Act

Before breaking his promise to filibuster the FISA Amendments Act by actually voting against a filibuster, then voting to pass the bill into law, Senator Barack Obama issued two statements on the matter. In those statements, Senator Obama declared:

It is not all that I would want.

This was not an easy call for me. I know that the FISA bill that passed the House is far from perfect. I wouldn’t have drafted the legislation like this…

Let’s assume Senator Obama was sincere when he made these statements. If he was sincere, then as a Senator he owes the nation complete answers to the following questions.

1. How would you have drafted the FISA Amendments Act? What are the ways in which the FISA Amendments Act, in your judgment, is far from perfect? What are the specific provisions that would be present and absent in a bill that actually is all you want?

2. As a United States Senator, what specific legislative actions do you intend to engage in to bring about the specific changes you identify as necessary?

3. As President of the United States, what specific steps would you take (including executive actions and the introduction of legislation) to bring about the specific changes you identify as necessary?

A mediocre legislator sighs, shrugs his shoulders, says that a bill gutting the 4th Amendment to the Constitution “is not all that I would want,” and then moves on.

An excellent legislator revisits the topic by authoring or coauthoring fresh legislation to rectify the law and bring it into alignment with the Constitution and with his understanding of the best interest of the nation.

A president worth his salt supports and defends the Constitution to the best of his ability, not just as much as he can get by with.

5 thoughts on “What a Sincere Senator Obama Owes the Nation on the FISA Amendments Act”

  1. Tom says:

    i sent Senators Casey and Specter a note letting them know i’ll be voting them out in the fall.

  2. Ralph says:

    Obama should also explain at least two more things to us:

    1. What steps will he take to ensure that government employees who committed crimes under the Bush administration do not continue to work in an Obama administration?

    2. What safeguards are now in place to prevent the kinds of abuses the FISA court was designed to curtail?

  3. Fruktata says:

    Also, Obama might want to explain to us why we should believe a single frickin’ word that comes out of his mouth any more, given that he’s broken his specific promises to us before.

  4. Bob S-K says:

    Obama may have lost my vote.

  5. Tom says:

    Can you understand “corporate control of the electoral process” people? We’re given two to choose from (since the electorate is too ignorant/distracted/apathetic to think outside of this “box”) – and they BOTH take money from big donors (like Wall Street), to whom they owe certain “favors” in return for the media guaranteed position. No one else gets any “air time” and is thus unknown to the general citizenry in any but negative terms (thanks to the corporate-owned media).

    Furthermore our very Federal Reserve system is entirely supportive of Wall Street and the banking sector. They control our money (and how much it’s worth) by their policies of interest rate manipulation and deregulation. So not only did we lose about 10 percent of the value of our homes, more on our retirement vehicles, and the fact that the dollar no longer buys much factors into EVERY financial decision we make, but now we also, without our say, have to bail out Wall Street firms (Bear Sterns) and these weird private/quasi-governmental mortgage giants that lost big time in the housing scandal.

    i’ll bet the “founding fathers” never thought the government would ever be so bastardized by capitalism.

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