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7 comments to Zazzle Gives In To Republican Threats. Skreened and CafePress Won’t.

  • Thanks for the heads up on which companies are still allowing such merchandise.

  • Steve have now deleted almost all products using the Obama logo.

  • NothingShocking

    This does not surprise me.
    Dig around Zazzle and you will find more anti-Obama designs than you will anti-Republican designs. I couldn’t figure out why that was until I ran across this and other posts on Irregular Times. You search “liberal” on Zazzle and you get far more anti-liberal designs than you do pro. Curious to me…
    Even though this article is nearly a year old, it is still relevant to Zazzle and the way they stock their market place and manage their forum.

    When articles like this are posted to the Zazzle Forum, they are promptly removed. There is no allowance for dissent on the Zazzle Forum. The forum is censored beyond belief and reason, at times. You can’t even use the word “scrap” without it being bleeped, for crying out loud!
    It makes me wonder if Zazzle folded to the Republican heavy hand or if they agree with them and did it out of support.

  • Lythic

    For two days, despite my complaints, they had up a shirt calling for the assassination of President Obama. They also had a whole line of “Tiller NEEDED killing” shirts (“George Tiller, a good man to shoot”, “George Tiller, a good place to start”) and others that suggested another doctor needed to be shot. Several of the shirts then printed the doctor’s address.
    They eventually took the shirts down, but they also banned my account for complaining about them, which meant I couldn’t report the new batch of shirts the user posted 2 hours later. So I created a new account, reported the new batch, was banned again. Rinse and repeat, except that the user seems to finally have moved away from violent threats in his newer shirts.
    They seriously need to work on auto-screening their items, and they should stop banning me for doing their own damn work. I don’t think it’s the company’s politics, I think it’s their lax methods that are attracting the crazies.

  • builder

    I am a bit late to this party but it is a bunch of bunk.

    Were you as outraged when CP pulled White House images down of Obama?

    What about when Obama’s logo was pulled off everything?

    Your sense of outrage might be believable if it were not simply an anti-republican rant.

    Get off the anti gop rag and take a look at your guys “change”. Hows that working out for you?

    • Jim

      1. Barack Obama’s not “our guy.” We criticize him plenty: See here:

      2. You can’t use someone else’s unadulterated photo of Barack Obama; that’s against the law.

      3. If you want to engage in “fair use” of Obama logos, you have to accompany it with some idea of your own, which can include criticism. Otherwise, again, it’s just a rip-off. See above, a shirt incorporating the Obama logo for purposes of critical comment which clearly CafePress has NOT taken down.

      4. The issue with Zazzle’s take-down was that they were removing GOP Elephants even when accompanied by “fair use” commentary and change, which is thoroughly bogus.

      Yes, you are late to the party. If you’re going to make a dramatic entrance, make it a good one.

  • stalked562

    Zazzle ejected sticker depicting obama with headphones with caption NSA.
    Zazzle said they were contacted by NSA last week.

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