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Donna Edwards Disappoints With Billy Graham Nonsense

Donna Edwards, one of the newest members of Congress, started out well. Unlike the many Democrats who were stampeded into voting for the FISA Amendments Act, Donna Edwards voted against the law.

This week, however, Donna Edwards disappoints, with her cosponsorship of H. Res. 1358, a resolution to give official congressional recognition and approval of Billy Graham’s promotion of Christianity.

Representative Edwards ought to know better. It’s not the job of Congress to pass resolutions declaring which preachers have government approval and which preachers don’t. The worth of religious figures should be left to the private conscience of individual citizens to decide.

The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights clearly forbids this kind of resolution. What part of “Congress shall pass no law” does Donna Edwards not understand?

Representative Edwards needs to remember that she was elected to replace Al Wynn because of the support of progressive Democrats. She needs to uphold progressive values, such as respect for the Constitution, as a member of Congress. If she continues to pander to the Religious Right with resolutions like H. Res. 1358, she could lose the support of the Democratic voters in her district, and g the way of Al Wynn.

One thought on “Donna Edwards Disappoints With Billy Graham Nonsense”

  1. Tom says:

    Which transgression does more harm to the American sheeple (who deserve whatever they put up with)? i’m glad she voted against FISA.

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