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When Republicans Try To Hack At the Hydra of Free Speech, Spring Back Manifold

In the past month, the Republican Party has been deploying a cadre of lawyers to eliminate graphic criticism of the Republican Party by demanding the removal of images featuring “GOP,” “Grand Old Party,” “Republican National Committee,” “RNC,” or a Republican elephant. These Republican lawyers are threatening lawsuits out the wazoo, trying to scare people into silence. Despite the clear legal finding that criticism of Republicans using Republican terms and images is protected political speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the GOP succeeded this week in getting one of our anti-Republican lapel stickers removed from sale by the sheepish Zazzle.

We feel the need to teach the Republican party a lesson. Sorry, RNC, GOP, Grand Old Party — whatever you call yourself, you don’t own us and you can’t shut us up. When you get one anti-Republican product off the shelves, we’ll put up six in its place. And these are for sale at Skreened, which doesn’t quail at the thought of controversy or lawyerly intimidation.

Black Slash Through GOP Republican Elephant T-Shirt GOP T-Shirt: Greedy Old Prudes
html end tag slash GOP anti-Republican t-shirt Ex-Republican T-Shirt with a red slash through the GOP Elephant symbol
Democrats Kick Republican Ass Flying Elephant T-Shirt Republican Constituent Services T-Shirt

Yeah, we’re like a hydra, except for the scaly green part.

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