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Why Did A Man Hike Naked Up A Mountain in Iceland?

The mystery: On Thursday, on a mountain outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, a 26 year-old man from Poland was spotted walking hiking completely naked – not even wearing shoes – in conditions of high wind and thick fog. The next day, the man was found near the top of the mountain, frozen to death, still naked.

The frozen naked hiker’s clothes and identification were found in a pile at the bottom of the mountain. He was a 26 year-old immigrant from Poland who had never before exhibited any unusual behavior.

The challenge: Give a plausible explanation of what led to these events.

5 thoughts on “Why Did A Man Hike Naked Up A Mountain in Iceland?”

  1. Tom says:

    Geez, what a clever way to go out (if you have no hope of whatever in your life is unendurable). This is a variation of the “sit on a secluded park bench in the dead of winter with a bottle of vodka and very little clothing” method used by many Russians and indigents in cold climates. Must have been a great hike! (at least in the sense of the scenery and the zen of it being his last free act on earth)

  2. Ed says:

    “I’m sorry, but I can not go out with you tonight and I will not let you come to my apartment. I think you have asked every single girl here at work and, begged several, I am told. And no one will go out with you. No, I am not angry that I am the last one to be asked, although that certainly is not a compliment, Jan, but, how can I put this, you are strange and kind of weird. Wait, why are you undressing right here in the parking lot? Jan, you can’t take off every stitch. You’ll be arrested. You’ll…wait, don’t walk off! Here, at least take your clothes with you. Don’t go that way! There’s nothing but a mountain up there. Oh, you sap! Marie, Helen, come out here. Look at Jan. He is walking naked up the mountain. Yes, yes, he thinks we’ll feel sorry for him. Let’s just ignore him. That’s the thing to do.”

  3. jeff says:

    the poor guy probably took some acid and thought the Grinch was up there.

  4. Franklin says:
  5. Tom says:

    i think we have a winner.

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