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Who is Behind the Push Polling in Columbus, Ohio?

This November, a Columbus City Schools bond and a Columbus City bond will be on the ballot. Somebody has already started a whisper campaign against them.

A person who doesn’t want to be identified made me a call today and claimed to be operating a public opinion research poll. She asked for me by name, which should have tipped me off from the beginning, since it indicates a non-random choice. About four minutes into the call, having answered a number of questions, the pollster went off on a two-minute speech referring to the bond issues as a “boondoggle,” among other things. The tipping point came when this “pollster” let the words “who do they think they’re kidding?” roll off her tongue. That’s when I asked who she worked for. Her response was that she worked for “Ohio Opinion Surveys,” an organization for which I can’t find any trace of existence. I asked her what organization had paid for “Ohio Opinion Surveys” to make its call, and she replied, “I do not know that. They do not tell us that.” The phone hung up.

Somebody who wants to remain secret, somebody willing to use the fraudulent tactic of the push poll, somebody out there has started whispering into the ears of Columbus voters against improvements to their city. They’re hiding, but I’d like to find them. Please pass on what you know.

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