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No More For Big Oil Until Stevens Corruption Trial

Am I the only one who finds it highly suspicious that the big push in the U.S. Senate for expanded offshore drilling came at just about the same time as Senator Ted Stevens was indicted for accepting bribes from a big oil company? Isn’t it odd that Congress, after sitting still on energy issues for so long, should all of a sudden push to get offshore oil legislation that benefits big oil corporations passed before testimony in the Ted Stevens trial begins, for all the public to see?

oil drilling is not change we can believe in tshirtI’m not saying that I know that there’s a connection, but I think it’s worthy of consideration. Does oil company bribery in the United States Senate stretch out beyond Ted Stevens? I’d like to know, before any vote on legislation to boost the profits of oil companies is voted on.

At the very least, it strikes me as extremely unseemly for the Senate to vote on any bill to benefit oil companies, with Ted Stevens remaining as a voting member of Senate, until the Stevens trial is completed. Knowing that Ted Stevens appears to have been bribed by oil companies, and rushing oil drilling legislation through in a time frame that will allow Senator Stevens to vote on the legislation would be profoundly unscrupulous.

Oil drilling is not change we can believe in.

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