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New Photo of Montauk Monster Clarifies Mystery With Context

Over last weekend, the discovery of the “Montauk Monster” on a beach near the Hamptons on Long Island created quite a stir. A significant difference between the case of the Montauk Monster and other cryptids is the existence of rather clear photographic evidence. Just look at this photograph, the one most commonly sent around the news wires regarding the dead mystery animal:

Montauk Monster, Close-Up Photographic Evidence

What could this beast be? How did it meet its fate? It is difficult to tell for sure, because the photograph is so close to the cryptid as to eliminate almost all of the wide frame of the environment in which it was found. What is the context within which the “Montauk Monster” is located? What was the milieu of its death?

Fortunately, a less well-circulated photograph placing the corpse of this intriguing creature in context exists:

The Montauk Monster died outside a GOP Members Only Beach Party

Clearly, the creature died of thirst.

22 thoughts on “New Photo of Montauk Monster Clarifies Mystery With Context”

  1. Renaldo says:

    It’s a bulldog, you can tell from it’s skull.


  2. Anonymous says:

    no its not

  3. tp says:

    it has a beak hooves yellow eyes and a tell it look as if it has horns and has a broken leg the top right leg so how can it be a bull dog

  4. Anonymous says:

    it could hav fell from the deck it looks like a leg is broken

  5. jhordan says:

    awesome put the animal in a lab and figure out what it is mixed with

  6. Jalen says:

    it could not have fallen off the deck because the sign, actually it could but if it did it was pretty retarted.

  7. Jim says:

    Nobody gets it.

  8. iadcasefgirer says:

    its name was marty he loved to party, he died a long long time ago, even before the first heaven’s snow, he was so drunk, he fell from the deck, and died because he was drunk.

  9. hannah says:

    weeeell, this looks like a victim of Photoshop to me.

    1. Jim says:

      Well, nothing gets by you! 8|

      Ah, nobody gets it. I am too opaque.

      1. leora says:

        well if ur so sure that u know what the fuck it is smart ass than why dont you enlighten everybody and tell us what it is???

  10. Sy says:

    Yes, I was just going to say it looks very photo shopped. The second one also looks shopped in from the first image.. their poses are pretty much spot on the same with just a little change in the shading and resizing. And voila!

  11. Jacob says:

    I think I saw this thing on Ghostbusters. Is there a lady inside? maybe a keymaster and a gate keeper?

  12. mizterius says:

    I know that this is not a photoshoped picture. IF you actually do some reserch on it you will find multiple pictures from all angles and not a thing has changed. Go ahead. I dare ya too. Prove me wrong please.

  13. Newyorktrapper says:

    It’s an animal that was trapped by a foot hold trap then killed skinned and thrown away what it is might be a woodchuck

  14. Newyorktrapper says:

    Upon further research it is a raccoon that died washed ashore lost it’s hair from washing around in the water had the tip of the nose and a few upper front teeth lost and decomposition began no trap was used my past comment appears to be wrong it may have died of natural causes and was thrown in the water or drowned

  15. Brittany says:

    Wellllllll, Obviously, We Have A Fat Skinless Animal Thaat Somee IDIOT Saidd To Be A Racoon, Which In Fact It Is To . . . Climbing In Yo Windows, Sorry . . . Umm, Snatching Yo Peoplee Up, Oops, Tryinng To Rapee Emm, Ummm So Yall Need To, Hide Yop Kid Hide Yo Wifee ,

    1. mac says:

      that is so friggin true

      1. ACnumba1 says:

        yea its tru look at a racoon skeleton nd look at the racoon on the picture..pretty identical eh?

  16. brandon says:

    brittany u havee isuuse

  17. ACnumba1 says:

    the montauk monster is a racoon with a missing bottom tooth(literally).

  18. Jellyman says:

    there are no such things as cryptids….only new pokemons

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