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Plane Stupid In For the Long Haul Against Short Haul

Plane Stupid is plain genius. Last month, a member of the UK activist group glued himself to the Prime Minister inside 10 Downing Street with the message, “You only have two possible legacies before you leave office: as the first prime minister to take climate change seriously, or the last one not to.”

Today, members of the group took part in a surprise protest at Gatwick Airport. The target of the protest was “short haul” flights – brief airplane flights that consume huge amounts of energy, releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, in order to take passengers a short distance that could be easily covered by more efficient forms of transportation, such as train.

The message of Plane Stupid, that frequent air travel has become a grave threat to the natural environment and to human civilization alike, is even more relevant in the US than in the UK. The group’s tactics for successfully grabbing attention through dramatic action are something we Americans would do well to emulate.

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