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Fourth Amendment Burned In Front of the Capitol (Congress Did it Months Ago)

Today, I burned the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC, disintegrating the written words as an expression of the document’s disintegration into insignificance.

Of course, the act was just symbolic on my part. The Congress did the real deed in June and July when it passed the FISA Amendments Act, turning the mandate for warrants and for probable cause and for specified targets into mere suggestions to be disregarded whenever the president feels like it.

Can you desecrate something that is already defiled?

8 thoughts on “Fourth Amendment Burned In Front of the Capitol (Congress Did it Months Ago)”

  1. Bob S-K says:

    Fire! Finally! And obviously you have an excellent support crew.

    I ran into yet another person over the weekend who had no idea what FISA was. She wasn’t aware that there was a recent vote on it and ultimately didn’t really care after I explained what had happened and what was actually in the bill.

  2. Jim says:

    “Fire Bad!”

    Yes, videography credits to Noah, and fetching assistant credits to young Tess.

  3. Norman Bie says:

    It was NOT JUST the 4th Amendment burning: The Bill of Rights was ratified late in 1791; but the Framers of the Constitution outlawed Ex Post Facto more than 4 years earlier, in Article 1 our Constitution. Ex Post Facto (After The Fact) means changing the legal consequences of an act AFTER it was committed. Article 1 Section 9 clearly & simply states: “No Ex Post Facto law shall be passed.”
    It does not say “Occasional Ex Post Facto laws shall be passed as favors to Billionaire Multi-National Corporations.” The truth is that protecting those Telecom companies that illegally spied on Americans requires a Constitutional Amendment repealing the Ex Post Facto clause. Obama knows this.
    Barack Obama & others leading the charge to cover up the FISA crimes ARE lawyers. Having studied the Constitution, they understand their Constitutional responsibility at least as much as those of us who studied it in high school.
    I certainly favor Obama over McCain for President, but he should definitely be disbarred by the Illinois State Bar & the National Bar Association.
    Look at the danger our country is in: The main person protecting us from a McCain Administration appears to prioritize money from corporations above the civil rights of Americans & has already betrayed his oath as Senator by doing so. He, as much as anyone is unconstitutionally allowing corporations disloyal to America to get away with crimes against U.S. citizens.
    Sincerely, Norman Bie

  4. Bob S-K says:

    Well said. I too “favor Obama over McCain,” but his FISA behavior was illuminating. I was excited about him a few months ago. Now I’m not. I’m going to vote for him only because he’s not Bush.

  5. Surf Thru says:

    Hey Bob…Bush is NOT on the ticket….

  6. Surf Thru says:

    Also Jim….you grew your carbon foot print…Hope the Green Man will approve….

  7. Jim says:

    Oh, but he is on the ticket. He just changed his name to McCain.

  8. Bob S-K says:

    Fuck. Well, we should fuckin’ PUT Bush on the fuckin’ ticket. Otherwise we’re a bunch of fuckin’ commies. Fuck.

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